Marthaville Elementary/Jr. High School


Message from Principal

Welcome to Marthaville Elementary and Jr. High School. We are a public school with 289 students that is located on the western edge of Natchitoches Parish, 7 miles west of Robeline near the border with Sabine Parish.

Our faculty, staff, students, and community work hard to ensure that our school provides a learning environment that prepares our students for success. From Pre-K to Eighth grade we provide a challenging curriculum that pushes our students to learn.

Marthaville School has proudly served the community since 1853 and our historic buildings have seen many changes over the years. The “old” gymnasium was built in 1939 and remains in use for physical education classes today. The “new” gymnasium was built in 1966 and hosts various community and school activities throughout the year. Our school recently underwent renovations with a new roof, canopies, restrooms, and various other projects. We also recently upgraded all lighting and HVAC systems within our facilities.

Our community takes great pride in our school and we will continue to create opportunities for our students to learn and grow while preparing them to move on and have success in high school and beyond.

Micah S. Nicholson, Principal
Marthaville Elementary/Jr. High School


The Marthaville Elementary and Junior High Staff believe that all students can meet or exceed rigorous academic standards. Working together, we will form a rich professional learning community where we will all work to develop our professional craft and improve our effectiveness. Through the continued growth of academic strategies, professional development, and best practices, we will adjust our teaching methods in order to continuously improve. We will provide instruction in a caring and safe learning environment in which each student will have the opportunity to reach his/her potential.


Learning Involves Family, Teachers, and Students. Our Mission Statement serves notice that it takes a total effort on all our parts to educate our students. Marthaville School’s teachers and administrators believe that each of our students can achieve mastery of the basic skill regardless of their current academic achievement. We believe that it is our job to provide quality instruction that L.I.F.T.S. all students to higher levels of achievement which will better prepare them for high school. Positive communication between the community and the school is essential in building the bridge to success for all students at Marthaville Schools.

Elementary Clubs

Clover Buds - Kelly Mitchell/Laura Strahan
Pep-Squad - Stacy Strahan

Junior High Clubs

4-H - Laura Strahan
FCA - Vietta Hendrickson
Student Council - Laura Strahan

Junior High Sports

Girl’s Basketbal - Coach Mclarty
Boy’s Basketball - Coach Stepp/Coach Dodson
Softball - Coach Mclarty
Baseball - Coach Stepp/Coach Dodson
Football - **Merged with Provencal
Cheerleading - Amy Stepp


Marthaville Elementary/Jr. High School

10800 Hwy 120
Box 148
Marthaville, LA 71450

PHONE: 318-472-6141